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This blog started out as a travel blog in late 2019.  Earlier that year we had purchased an older motor home and done some traveling.  We had great experiences visiting Prince Edward Island in Canada, Boothbay Harbor in Maine, and Lancaster County in Pennsylvania.  Being in our early 70's, we said that it was time to take control of our journey through life.  We decided to downsize drastically and travel the country extensively.  This meant traveling full-time.  The blog would be our way of having friends and family keep up with our exploits and maybe share some of our experiences with them.


Along came COVID.  Everything was shut down, people out of work, discretionary activates curtailed.  So controlling life's journey, not so much.  We ended up playing 'snowbirds' for seven months in Silver Springs, Florida.   When spring arrived, we headed back to New England to see family and prepare for a nine-month journey through the northwestern states and ending up in the RV mecca of the country, Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter.  Upon returning from Florida in May 2021, Pam began exhibiting some significant health issues. The resulting diagnosis of dementia has taken some control of our journey.   While she is receiving excellent medical care, they have advised that we should not travel. The chaos and uncertainty of traveling can exacerbate her symptoms.  We would also lose the significant support system afforded by our daughters living close by.

Therefore, the focus of this blog has changed.   Instead of documenting our travels around the country, it will now record the journey as a patient and a caregiver.  At times, it will reflect her current condition and how we are dealing with it.  At times, it will become very emotional as I struggle with the pain of watching your loved one slowly deteriorate.  The final destination may be out of our hands, but the path we take to get there is not.  Thank you for following along with us.  

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