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"Most people dream about what they will do with their life when they retire. Dreams like traveling the world, or living on the beach, or moving to a warmer climate. But often, finances, health, or family take control of life's journey and we never get to realize those dreams. We are Pam and Bruce. After having careers, raising a family, and even moving to a new place, the time has come for us to take control of our personal journey."

That is how this blog started back in 2019.  We had purchased a used motor home and decided to sell off most of our belongings and our tree farm so that we could travel the country full-time to see and do things we were never able to do before. This blog would be the primary means of keeping our friends and family abreast of our travels and sharing some of our experiences with them. It was conceived primarily as a travel blog.

Then, along came COVID, and it took control of our journey. We chose to hold up in Florida as "snowbirds," hoping that the restrictions would be lifted by spring and we could begin traveling. I was looking forward to hitting some of those Bucket List items, like the Gettysburg battlefields and The Tetons, and visiting friends and relatives across the country.  I finished planning a nine-month journey through Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Wyoming.  We were both looking forward to spending the winter at the RV mecca of Quartzsite, Arizona.

  But as you know, life has a way of throwing foul balls at you.  As I said in the first paragraph, sometimes finances, health, or family can take control of life's journey and prevent us from fulfilling our dreams.  And that is where we are at this moment.   Upon returning from Florida in May 2021, Pam began exhibiting some significant health issues. The resulting diagnosis of dementia has taken some control of our journey.   While she is receiving excellent medical care, they have advised that we should not travel. The chaos and uncertainty of traveling can exacerbate the symptoms.  We would also lose the significant support system afforded by our daughters living close by.

 So the focus of this blog has changed.   Instead of documenting our travels around the country, it will now record the journey as a patient and a caregiver.   I have begun researching the progression of the disease and what I need to know to provide the very best care.  I am committed to keeping Pam at home. The final destination may be out of my hands, but the path we take to get there is not.  Thank you for following along with us.

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