Thursday, January 16, 2020

Acorn rains in Boothbay

We spent almost a week at the Shore Hills Campground in Boothbay, Maine this past September. We had a large full-hookup site, nestled in the trees.. The mix of very tall oaks and pines exemplified camping out in the Maine woods. But at this time of year, the acorns are maturing and dropping to the ground. The entire time that we were there, day and night, the acorns were bouncing off the motor home like it was raining. And the taller the tree, the louder the BANG! Not quite as relaxing as camping in the rain.

We began our stay with an overnight visit from Kendra, Jeff, and 3-year old Keelan. Through the afternoon we kept hearing a nearby steam train whistle. Little did we know that right around the corner was Railway Village, a living museum of steam-era trains and period buildings set up as village. A wonderful experience for young and old alike. We spent most of the next day taking rides on the steam trains and visiting the blacksmith shop, store, toy train display and a fantastic automobile exhibit. This is a must see for anyone on the area.

Once we were on our own again, we visited the usual touristy shops and then hopped on a whale watch excursion. Unfortunately, the whales were not cooperating that day, but we received transfers for another day. We ended the day at a local restaurant for dinner. Sitting overlooking the water, we were surprised by the presence of the replica of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria. Docked just 50 feet from our table, it is surprising that something that small could make it safely across the Atlantic. We had seen it entering the harbor from our whale watch boat, but didn't know what it was. Overall, the week was a great experience and very relaxing. Enjoy the pictures.

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