Sunday, June 07, 2020

Enough with the COVID

I think that most of us have had our fill of the pandemic and want to get on with life. Unfortunately, life will never be the same. There is a new normal, but we haven't quite figured out what that is. And that is true with our journey. All of our well thought out plans for this year are kaput. We are now working to Plan C. And maybe that is one key feature of the new normal.... be flexible.

We are making slow progress towards selling our stuff. Until most of it is gone, we can't really list the house for sale. But we are all set for the winter. We have a reservation for an an RV site in Silver Springs, Florida for the winter. It is a nice site covered by live oak trees and in the middle of Florida's horse country. The nearby Silver Springs are a group of artesian springs that have attracted tourists since the 1850's. I am sure that we'll be trying out the glass-bottom boat rides.

We will leave Maine in mid-September, whether we have sold the property or not. We plan to take a couple of weeks to visit some friends and family on our way south. We plan to be in Florida from October through April. I expect that we will spend that time visiting some great places in the area, like St. Augustine, old Savannah, Georgia, and the white sand beaches on the panhandle. Social distancing will be the order of the day and we'll avoid the big tourist sites like Orlando. I am sure that we will make several visits to Daytona Beach, where I went to college.

It is still early in the planning, but when spring arrives, I think that we will be heading up to South Dakota. We had originally planned to go there to change our legal domicile and set up a mail forwarding account. The more I read about SD, the longer the list of must-see sights gets. And most importantly is a visit with one of my fraternity brothers from college. We have many memories to revisit. I expect that we'll be there at least thee weeks. Then it will be off to Montana and Oregon to visit cherished relatives. I had visited Glacier National Park many years ago, but Pam has never been. I am looking forward to another drive on the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Life's journey never works out the way we plan or hope. But we are fortunate to still have a life. And we WILL be in control of this crazy journey.


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