Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Very quick update... We are on the road!!!

We got a call at 9:30am this morning that our coach was ready for pickup. Well apparently when the went to move it, they realized that the drive shaft had not been re-installed after the tow. When they checked it out, one of the u-joints had gone bad. Long story short, it took until 6:30 pm to pull it out of the garage. I will compliment them that they checked all fluid levels, tire pressures, and gear oil levels before they were done. By the time we hooked up the dolly and attached the car (in the dark) it was too late to make any significant miles. So we drove 30 miles and parked in the Walmart where we landed when we first broke down. We will leave early tomorrow morning and hope to get to Florida by mid-afternoon Friday.

Thank you to everyone that called or messaged us during this trying breakdown offering your moral support. It is greatly appreciated. Oh, BTW the bill was $2,530 plus a grand for hotel rooms, plus restaurant meals. A costly breakdown. But welcome to the RV lifestyle.


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