Tuesday, October 20, 2020

So much for the plan....

This is just a short update for our followers. You probably know that we broke down in Elkin, NC on Saturday afternoon. We were towed to the local Ford dealer but when they opened on Monday, we found out that they were not equipped to do the repair. After trying another Ford dealer we gave up on them and went to Blue Ridge Truck Service in Cana, VA. So the coach was towed there this morning and they began the repair. With some luck, they expect the repair to be done today and we can hit the road again on Wednesday.

But our original plan was to visit my niece outside of Atlanta for four days. Those plans are now scrapped and we will head directly to Silver Springs, FL. Once we are settled in Florida, we can plan a visit to Atlanta via car and fulfill our promise of a visit. I have not asked what the repair will cost. It is more important to give them the time to get it done right. I expect that this breakdown will easily reach $2,000. We have four nights in a hotel, plus the towing to the Blue Ridge shop and then the repair itself.

I will say that if you have to get 'stuck' somewhere this is one of the most beautiful places to get stuck. The rolling countryside is dotted with small farms. It is very rural out here. And the people have been very friendly. My only regret is that the nearest Krispy Kreme is about 35 miles away. :-)


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