Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Healthy and Happy.....

First a health update.... it's been a week since I got out of the hospital. I am currently on a blood thinner while the body works at dissolving the blood clots. I have a followup with the doctor on Friday, but all seems to be going well. I have resumed my daily walks. Working at a slower pace, I am back up to 30 minutes a day. We still need to resolve the underlying cause.

We have been on our site in Florida for almost two months now. Because of the pandemic, we have not done any day trips or sight-seeing. And I expect that to continue into the new year. About all that we've done is grocery shopping and a few take-out meals. Downsizing from 3,000 to less than 300 square feet has been a difficult, but necessary transition. But we have gotten accustomed to our new living conditions.

Because our vehicle registrations expire in February, we have decided to drive the car up to New Hampshire to see family for the Christmas holiday. We've decided to register them in New Hampshire instead of Florida. But that has to be done in-person the first time. That means that we must self-quarantine for two weeks before we leave, otherwise we are required to do it upon arrival in NH. We plan to take normal precautions when gathering for the holiday, but I am not giving up any of my Constitutional Rights for Biden, Fauci, or anyone else. The Governors have botched this very serious virus from the beginning and I have no confidence that they are making any decisions based on real science. We are looking forward to spending some time with family for the holiday.

This will be the first time that we get to see our new condo. All of the floors have been cleaned and waxed and the painting is moving right along. We are trying to time delivery of some new furniture with our two week visit. Most of the new appliances will not be there until after we return to Florida. But we are looking forward finalizing some decisions while we are there.

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