Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Quick Update...

It has been quite a while since we posted here. In one sense that is a good thing, meaning that all is well and there is very little to report about. On the other hand, folks are curious as to how we are doing. The short answer is that all is well. We are both healthy and enjoying the lack of freezing temps and snow. It's been about six weeks since we returned from our holiday visit to New Hampshire. Today it is 75 degrees and bright sun in Sliver Springs. We should top off around 80 later today. Last night it got down to 40 degrees. We use a small catalytic electric heater with a thermostat on those nights.

The weather here has been a mixed bag.  A few days of gorgeous sun and 80 degrees followed by torrential downpours.  There have been a few nights in the high thirties, but those are behind us.   What is really unusual for a snowbird is pollen in February.  The local trees are starting to pollinate, leaving a yellow-green powder on vehicles and around rain puddles.

We are enjoying a special treat this week.  Two of our grandsons are our guests for the week as they enjoy their school vacation.   They flew from Boston to Orlando all on their own.  We hope to add to their experiences this week with several activities.   We trust there are many fond memories which they can relive as they age.   They have already had the one experience most often incurred by visitors to Florida.... sunburn.    A few hours in the pool takes a toll on those pale shoulders and faces. But they will go home tanned and non the worse for wear.   The motor home is a little tight with four people, but we are making do.

Unfortunately, we will be making one more dash north before we are scheduled to leave Silver Springs in mid-April.  The Maine registration on the motor home will expire at the end of February.  Since we are now officially New Hampshire residents, the vehicles must be registered there.  While renewals can be accomplished on-line, first time registrations must be done in person.  So we have no choice but to get this done.

We'll have a few more posts shortly as we review our excursions with Noah and Jacoby.  Stay tuned.


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