Friday, April 02, 2021

Hurry up and Wait...

I am sitting here in Florida with the heat on. A cold front went through last night and it was only 44 degrees this morning. At least I got my Saturday shower out of the way a day early. 🛁 Funny thing is that the RV park is starting to empty out as folks go back home to places like Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Maybe it is warmer back there.... but I doubt it. Our plan to leave here on April 15th has been severely dashed. We have been back in Florida for less than a week and it has been a real roller coaster ride. 🎢 In order to leave we need to prep the Jeep for flat towing. So on Tuesday, I went to Hitching Post of Ocala to have a baseplate and the wiring installed. We got an install date of May 27th. 😲😭 Besides that being Pam's birthday, it is six weeks after our planned departure. While I did a lot of research on flat towing, I failed to check out the lead time of installation.

Waiting eight weeks to have the baseplate installed was more than discouraging. So I start scrambling for alternatives. I figured that I could rent a tow dolly (since we already sold ours) and tow the Jeep back up north and have it installed there. But Uhaul was unwilling to rent us a dolly because the GVWR of the Jeep exceeded the limit of their dolly, even though we would not have it loaded to capacity. So I started looking at dollies for sale on Craig's List. They were few and far between and about twice what we paid for ours. I also looked for other dealers for the Blue Ox towing system that we wanted. The next closest dealer is an hour away, over in Ormond Beach. My email to them went unanswered, so I called. Lucky me! They can get us in on May 3rd, more than three weeks earlier than the local dealer. 👍

Since I tend to be the "planner type", I already had reservations made in Georgia and Tennessee based on our mid-April departure. Most RV parks have refund policies that keep some or all of your deposit, based on how far out you cancel. So I had already cancelled the reservation at the Tennessee state park. I contacted Stone Mountain, Georgia to move the reservation out into June, based on the May 27 install. Now it looks like we can our move our departure up into early May. Also, I have not yet mentioned our need to extend our stay to the Silver Springs RV Park office. Beside the cost of time, this delay will also cost us additional site rental fees. 🏧

This cold snap will only last another day and then we are back into the high 70's and the 80's. 🌞 And there is no significant rain predicted for the next week. By the way, the pool water is at about 80 degrees. 🏊 Maybe i can use this delay to get a few maintenance things done around the RV 🔧🔨🔩.... or maybe an extra couple of naps. 💤💤


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