Wednesday, May 19, 2021

One Final Day in Stone Mountain...

We used our final full day in Stone Mountain, Georgia to spend more time with Michele and Andy. While we did not achieve our objective of riding the tram to the top of Stone Mountain (because of weather), we did achieve the most important objective of enjoying time with Michele.

The afternoon started with a drive into uptown Atlanta. Atlanta is famous for horrible traffic. But it only took us about a half-hour to find our rendezvous point and a nearby parking lot. Of course the parking is paid for with an app or by credit card.... that is when the machine is working. After a good fifteen minutes of loading the app, creating the account, adding the Jeep, and paying, Michele and Andy pulled up next to us. Lunch was at a small Mediterranean place called Olive Bistro. Pam loved the fried cauliflower and her wine. Since Pam does not like lamb, I order it when I can. The lamb and Greek potatoes were very tasty, although way too much pepper for me. With lunch out of the way, we walked about a block to an outdoor table at Cafe Intermezzo for coffee and dessert.  
I love to have some chocolate after a meal. I enjoyed the strong coffee and the desserts were yummy. 

Once the palate was satisfied, we spent the afternoon touring the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This is probably not a choice that would be high on my list, but I am so thankful that they chose it. We had a wonderful time and the exhibits were extraordinary. We rented a wheel chair for Pam as her hip was bothering her and she would not be able to do all the walking. I am grateful that Andy was so gracious to push her around all afternoon. I am not going to use words to describe what the pictures do so well. We saw beautiful orchids, a rain forest building, desert plants, and numerous outdoor exhibits. I took way more pictures than I can use in this blog. I hope that you enjoy them.

And Michele, not that it is any of our business, but we loved Andy. He's a keeper.

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