Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Life goes on...

There is not much new to report from here in Silver Springs. We have been here just about three weeks, after a wretched trip down from Maine. Our engine problem cost us a dozen days and a total of about $4,200 between the repairs, hotel rooms, and meals. When back on the road, we ran into high winds which forced us to park and sit out the storm and then when we were finally on our way again there was a major truck accident that shut down the road completely for six hours. The stresses of the trip took a big toll on us personally and the first night here was not pretty.

We have plans to make numerous one or two day trips around the area over the next few months. St. Augustine, Savannah, and Daytona are on the list. Not to mention that Silver Springs State Park and their glass-bottom boats, is directly across the street from our RV park. However COVID has most of the museums and other indoor attractions closed. So in the short term, we are just going to relax around the RV park.

This is a 55+ RV park of almost 200 sites. They have a regular activities schedule that includes corn hole, bocci, and shuffleboard tourneys, Saturday breakfast, bingo, crafts, and other activities. We have met just a handful of residents. I expect that we'll meet more as time goes on. And I am using the park roads as an opportunity to get some exercise on a regular basis. I am getting a 2 mile walk in every day in about 33 minutes. I don't know if I have begun losing weight, but I can feel my conditioning improve.

The weather has been a mixed bag so far. Last week it rained pretty much every day. This week is much more sunny. We've had a few mornings with temps around 50, but most are in the high 60s. The afternoon temps are in the mid 70s. Our site lets us sit out in the sun or nap in the shade. I am just starting to do some projects around the RV. I need to finish installing the flooring near the bathroom and the edge trim all around. We are definitely loving the new sink and faucet. Our brand new water heater has yet to fire up. Today I received a replacement circuit board from the manufacturer under warranty. So we will try that later today.

Basically, we are settling in for the winter and really enjoying the lovely weather.


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