Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Quiet Time...

We have been staying in our condo for almost two weeks now.  It has been a good time to see family and relax after our travel from Florida.  As we speak, both the Jeep and the motor home are in the repair shop... so we really can't go anywhere.  Since we picked it up, we have been smelling coolant whenever we use the Jeep.  As it turns out that the radiator needs to be replaced.  And it's our luck that no one had the part in stock, so it is an extra day to order the part.

And it has been a week since we dropped the motor home off at a truck repair shop.  We had a long list of general maintenance items that we wanted addressed before we head out on a four thousand mile trip across the northern US from New Hampshire to Oregon.  Since we are in no rush to get it back, the shop is using it to fill in openings in their schedule.  In a way that works out for us because we have not been successful in finding a storage spot for it.  The two closest storage facilities are full and we are wait-listed.  We are hoping that people start pulling their RV's out of winter storage for the summer travel season.

This quiet time gives me an opportunity to do some work around the condo.  All of our pictures and mirrors were stacked up because the entire unit was being painted.  Now most of the pictures have been hung.  I have made extensive use of 3M Command strip hangers. We even had two that required the 50 pound hangers.  We cautiously used two of them on the heavy beveled mirror in the front entry and another on the water color of Ann Hathaway's cottage.  A new deep single-bowl stainless sink and faucet have been ordered for the kitchen. The gas range was the final appliance to arrive after a six month back-order.  And I have even planted a few new shrubs in our front walk area.  Yet to be done is the staining and painting of a large buffet/hutch combination for the dining area.

The entire family was over on Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend for a cookout.  Of course it was raining, but we all enjoyed the time together.  Some of the grandsons even ran through the sprinklers while they were running.  While we were together, we had a birthday cake for Pam.  We have another six weeks here at home base before we head out to travel again. So don't expect to hear much from me on the blog.  Enjoy your summer.


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