Saturday, September 12, 2020

And Time Passes So Quickly...

I have tried to post an update every few weeks. So my apologies that it has been about six weeks. But we have been very busy trying to clear out the house, conduct a yard sale, pack stuff for storage, and even working at selling the property. The one thing that has not received enough attention is the renovation of the RV. The progress there has been slow. But that will change beginning next week.

After sorting out what to keep and what to sell, we started loading up the garage for the yard sale. I even hired three young high schoolers to help move and pack things. We currently have a 30-yard dumpster sitting in the driveway. Needless to say, whatever does not sell in the yard sale goes in the dumpster. I have been using both Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to sell things. The big ticket items are all sold. My precious Dodge Challenger (aka Red Hemi) was an emotional sale. But she has gone to a good home that will appreciate her. The utility tractor, garden tractor, horse trailer, dump trailer, and wood splitter are all gone.

We have had mixed results with the yard sale. A lot of small items have sold, but there is still a lot of stuff in the garage. Listing items on FB Marketplace or Craigslist also had mixed results. We had quite a few no-shows and a few scammers. But we are down to the wire, so I have listed items as free just to have them go to a good home instead of the land fill. The girls, grandsons, and especially the sons-in-law have been a huge help in sorting, packing, dumping, and moving stuff. Thank you everyone, especially Jay and Jeff! And we've filled two storage units with the keepers. I have a few straggler boxes, I hope they will fit in storage.

But most importantly, we have a buyer for the property. We have not yet received an official offer, but everything is moving towards a closing date of September 25th. This was accomplished without ever actually listing the property for sale. Only by word of mouth. We still have way too much to do before we can leave, but I am anxious to hit the road. I have sent a check off to the RV park in Florida to pay for our six-month spot. But I suspect we will not yet be there by October 1st as we had planned.

I have started laying the new flooring in the RV. It looks so much better than the old carpeting. I can't wait to see the new countertop and sink in place. I have a huge pile of stuff from the house that needs to find a home in the motor home. I am starting to worry that we may be over our weight limit. Maybe we'll have to leave Pam in Maine. 🤣

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