Thursday, September 17, 2020

Just a Quick Update...

I just wanted to post a quick update for those listening. We have signed a Purchase & Sales Agreement for Shaving Hill Farm with a closing date somewhere between October 1st and the 9th. We plan to stop and visit the kids and grandsons for a couple days and then head south. We plan a three or four day stop at the Sun Valley RV Park in Norvan, PA to visit a dear friend. We will do the same at Stone Mountain State Park in Georgia to visit our niece. We expect to be settled into the Silver Springs RV Park around mid-month.

Selling our belongings and this beautiful property has been an emotional experience. Selling or giving away things that we've had our entire married life (48 years) takes it's toll. But the whole point of this adventure is to take control of life's journey. So we are putting the emotion behind us and focusing on the future. We thank everyone, especially the immediate family for their support. We love you all.


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