Tuesday, October 06, 2020

“Aye Captain, I’m givin’ her all I got!”

It is all happening so fast, I don't even know where to begin. Thanks to a pandemic, we are on Plan C and are heading to Florida for the winter. We've been selling and giving away most of our belongings and trying to sell our house and property. Using word of mouth, we found a buyer. And because financing wasn't needed, we have a closing date for October 9th. With that, we were planning to become nomads for a couple of years and see the country, chase the 70 degree weather, and knock off my bucket list.

But Pam has been pushing the issue of having a home base and finding a condo, sooner rather than later. So we have engaged a realtor to look for one in southern New Hampshire. But partly driven by the pandemic, the condo and house market in rural areas is just plain nuts! Unless you act within 48 hours, the units are gone. So we had Kendra attend a couple of open houses. Sunday she looked at a condo that meets our needs. We made an offer and they have accepted. And they want to close on the 19th!   Dealing with paperwork, inspections, insurance, etc has my head in a spin.

So, bottom line is that we are selling in Maine and ten days later buying in New Hampshire. We have not seen the condo, nor will we until May. We are going to be on our way to Florida on the 11th. We are running at warp 10 and the girls are along for the ride. While we are hanging in Ten Forward, they have stepping up to deal with the closing of the condo and getting stuff moved from storage. We are blessed.

But we are NOT giving up on the plan to see the country and live out of the RV! When we leave Florida in April we will head to the condo by way of the Jack Daniels Distillery, West Memphis (right on the Mississippi) and Gettysburg. After six weeks with family, we will knock off the first bucket list item, the EAA Oshkosh (Wisconsin) Airshow in late July. From there we'll head to South Dakota for the Badlands, Rushmore, and visit a college friend.

So beginning about the 12th of October, we will report on the Sun Valley RV resort in PA and Stone Mountain in Georgia. We appreciate the fact that you are interested enough to follow our journey. If you subscribe you will get an email notification whenever there is an update. But above all, please stay safe. I want us all to live long and prosper!


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