Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Our Home... the Technical Details


Speaking of utilities, we have more than your average home. The motor home comes equipped with two complete electrical systems. We have a pair of "house batteries" that can run lights, thermostat, space heater, and the water pump. We also have a standard 120 volt AC system for the microwave, coffee maker, TVs, and refrigerator. When we are not tethered in a campground, we can still use our AC appliances thanks to a 4,000 watt propane generator. We can carry 60 gallons of fresh water and hold 86 gallons of waste water and sewage. We also have a built-in 25 gallon propane tank which is used for heat, hot water, and to run the refrigerator when not tethered in a campground. And sitting atop the roof are a pair of powered vents and a central air conditioning system.

Just before hitting the road as full-time RVers, we are finishing up a major renovation of our new home. Unfortunately, the old water heater leaked and caused some floor damage. Because repair necessitated removing the entire kitchen cabinet, we took advantage of the situation to make some improvements. First, we ripped out most of the old carpeting, leaving the bedroom for now, and installed a new vinyl plank floor. It looks fabulous and will be much easier to keep clean. Most RVs come with plastic sinks and faucets. Ours had a two-bowl sink that just didn't work well for us. So going back in is a large, deep, single-bowl stainless sink and a new Delta faucet with the nice sprayer that pulls out. Originally, the coach had a small three burner stove top and oven combination. We rarely used it and have decided that the extra counters space is more valuable. So the stove is gone. We'll buy an electric induction burner for the few times that we'll need it. So a beautiful stained acacia butcher block countertop will replace the chincy laminate counter. The results of the reno are well worth the effort.

After living in a large sticks & bricks, living out of 250 square feet takes some adjustments. But I contend that our society wastes so much by building these huge houses. I am not a minimalist, but I'm looking forward to the change.

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