Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The End.....

If you remember our last entry, Pam was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  After almost 50 years together, that was devastating to hear.  But it was expected given the changes that we have seen.   Despite the diagnosis, we were still planning to return to Silver Springs for the winter.   Last winter was fun despite COVID.

During her last doctor appointment before our expected departure, we discussed this with the doctor.  Surprisingly, he strongly advised us not to go.   He did not think that the travel would be good for her.   He suggested that familiar surroundings and familiar routines are very important for dementia patients.  In addition, he noted that we have a strong family support system in place in New Hampshire.   He was concerned what our plans would be if something happened to me while we were so far from the family.

This was not something that she wanted to hear, but the girls and I 'helped' her make the decision not to go.  She is not a peace with it, but understands the doctor's recommendation.  And not to disappoint him, I ended up in the hospital three days later when me blood pressure skyrocketed.  After the blood work, EKG, chest x-ray, and stress test with echo cardiogram all came back normal, they sent me home.  Thankfully, the girls looked after Pam while I was there.

So that pretty much puts the breaks on all of our travels and my bucket list for the foreseeable future.  We have briefly talked about putting the motor home on a seasonal site somewhere in New Hampshire or using it to visit parks and campgrounds in the nearby Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont area.  The seasonal site would make it available to the girls and their families also.

So.... given that there is no travel in the near future, I am sadly going to put an end to this blog.  If you go back and read About the Blog in the menu bar at the top, you will see that we tried to encourage people to live their dreams and not let "life" get in the way.   And ironically, that is just what has happened to us again.   It is so difficult to do. I refuse to believe that it is destiny determined.  But for now, we will be spending time in our condo and working to make Pam feel as comfortable and secure as we can.   Stay safe everyone.

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