Sunday, March 06, 2022

Rising From The Ashes...

I have decided that, like the Phoenix, this blog is going to rise from the ashes and live a new life.  I made the decision to end the blog primarily because we would not be traveling and it was always the intention to use the blog to document those travels.  But as I thought it through, Pam being diagnosed with dementia and me learning to be a caregiver are both significant journeys themselves.  The fact that we'll be talking about some very personal and often emotional stuff may make it difficult to generate some content.  We are determined to give it a try.
Beside trying to resurrect the blog on a different theme, I have also moved the domain and the blog over to Google.  We already had Google accounts and use Gmail regularly.  The cost of maintaining the domain was significant at the previous registrar and I wasn't real happy with the creation tools provided by the previous site host.  So I am in the process of migrating all of the original content over to Blogger.  It may look a bit different at times, but the old content will be the same as when it was originally published.

I never thought that I would say this but we have both missed being in Florida this winter.  We did not go because Pam's doctor was strongly opposed to her traveling for two reasons.  The first is that we have a very strong support system here in New Hampshire.  Our daughters and their families all live within about 15 miles of us.  The second reason is that if we are away somewhere and something happens to me, then who will take care of Pam?  And that point was brought home shortly after the conversation with the doctor when I had a hospital visit due to high blood pressure.  So we are here, in New Hampshire, for the duration.  And to be clear, Pam is not in need of much care right now.  But she can not drive, so someone needs to provide that for her.
Our motor home is currently in storage.  Our plan was to find a seasonal site where it could be parked year-round and we were within a one to two hour drive`.  We could then go and spend weeks or long weekends there.    Unfortunately, all attempts at finding a seasonal site have been met with waiting lists up to three years.  So now what?  We can certainly book a week or two at some RV parks.  But we will still be saddled with the storage costs because the RV can't be stored at the condo.  The other option is to sell it.  There is some unfinished work that needs to be completed, but I think we can probably get more for it than we paid just because of the current demand.  That option is not ideal  But we continue to look for a seasonal site or a more affordable storage option.
 So if you were subscribed to our previous blog I have seeded you on the new list.  If you prefer not to subscribe, please use the Contact Form to let me know and I will remove you from the list.   Otherwise, you can expect some sporadic content over the next few months.
Stay safe and enjoy life while you can.

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