Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Oh, That's My Dufus Husband!

 Well, it has finally happened.  Pam woke up this morning and with a slur to her speech said "Boy, this condo has a lot of the same stuff as mine".  I tried to explain that this is her condo.  But she refused to believe it.  So I took her out in the hall and showed her a photo hanging on the wall and asked who was pictured in the photo.  "Those are my kids", she replied.   


I pointed to the photo above that one and asked the same question.  "Oh, that's my dufus husband" she replied.  I tried to explain that I was that dufus husband.  But she refused all attempts.  I showed her a third photo, taken in Bermuda, but she loudly insisted that she was not going to agree to that.


When she finished getting dressed, I offered to make her some breakfast.   After the fruitless effort of giving her multiple options for breakfast, we settled on oatmeal.   We have achieved yet another major milestone... that of her not knowing who I am.  Another checkbox filled on this journey.  

I just hope that I can do as good a job taking care of her as her dufus husband did!


  1. :( I guess there are worse things she could have called you??...Love you Both!

  2. Dufus? I had to smile at that. You are doing amazingly well caring for Pam. p.s. just back from a week in the hills of NH at scout camp.