Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Photo Tribute to Pam..

Over the past five or six months I have been trying to go through the five totes of old photos, school projects, and newspaper clippings that we have accumulated over the past 50 years. I scheduled a gathering with the girls explaining that they could do it with me now or they could do it alone after I'm gone. This way they could take anything they wanted to preserve. I was planning to scan some of the old photos and create an electronic archive and then dispose of what was left.

As you might expect, I found old photos that sparked memories. So I decided to devote this blog article as a tribute to Pam. I will include a bunch of photos and add a brief description in order to explain the context. Enjoy...



 Pam and I meet while working for Sanders Associates in Nashua, New Hampshire. She was a Junior Test Technician and I was an engineer. We dated for eight months and were married. This photo was taken shortly after we met. My Irish Setter, Shane, had just had puppies


We were married in her home town of Dunstable, Massachusetts and had the reception in nearby Hudson, New Hampshire, where my parents lived. The wedding was small because we paid for it. Pam even made her own wedding gown. We decided to split the honeymoon into a short week on Cape Cod and then three weeks in the fall in Florida where I went to college. We witnessed the first night launch of Apollo.



Courtney was born about two years after we were married. When she was three years old, I was transferred to Dallas, Texas after our division was acquired.
Allyson was born while we lived in Texas. But we moved back to New Hampshire before her first birthday.
Kendra was born about three years after we relocated to Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Pam was one of six girls, no brothers. So she always wanted a son. I guess not. So we have three girls and they have had five boys between them. No granddaughters. The boys have affectionately named Pam G-mom. They all love coming to visit her.

When the girls graduated from college and moved back home, we moved to Maine. We bought an old family farm about a mile down a dead end road. We loved Shaving Hill Farm. We also loved Bubba, the 120 pound Lab-Newfie mix.

We also had our own horses. Pam's Appaloosa, Coyote, was nicknamed Brat for a good reason. My horse was a registered Quarter Horse originally born on the King Ranch in Texas. He obviously didn't inherit his grandfather's championship cutting-horse genes. Both are now buried in the Pet Cemetery on the old farm.






We sold much of what we owned and traded the farm for the full-time RV life. While that journey was interrupted with her dementia, we did travel to places that we loved. And when COVID hit, we became Florida snowbirds.

While the future is not exactly what we planned, we are blessed in many ways. We have been together for over 50 years. While not always easy and not always fun, it has always been worth it. We hug every morning. Our family lives close by and they have been very supportive.
Time is not always kind. Despite our best efforts, we only have fleeting control of life's journey. But together, we will make the best of it.


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